raise [n] increase in salary or position accession, accretion, addition, advance, augmentation, boost, bump, hike, hold-up*, increment, jump, jump-up*, leg*, leg-up*, move-up*, promotion, raising, rise, step-up*; concepts 344,351,763 —Ant. decrease, drop, reduction raise [v1] lift; build from the ground boost, bring up, construct, elevate, erect, establish, exalt, heave, hoist, hold up, lever, lift, lift up, mount, move up, place up, promote, pry, pull up, put on its end, put up, rear, run up, set up, set upright, shove, stand up, take up, throw up, upcast, upheave, uplift, upraise, uprear; concepts 168,196 —Ant. demolish, destroy, drop, lower, raze raise [v2] increase, augment advance, aggravate, amplify, assemble, boost, build up, collect, congregate, congress, dignify, enhance, enlarge, escalate, exaggerate, exalt, fetch up, forgather, form, gather, get, goose*, goose up*, heighten, hike, hike up*, honor, inflate, intensify, jack up, jump, jump up, levy, look up, magnify, mass, mobilize, mushroom*, muster, obtain, perk up, pick up, promote, put up, pyramid, rally, recruit, reinforce, rendezvous, run up*, send through the roof*, shoot up, snowball*, strengthen, up; concepts 236,244,245 —Ant. decrease, depress, diminish, lessen, lower, reduce raise [v3] start up, motivate; introduce abet, activate, advance, arouse, awaken, bring up, broach, cause, evoke, excite, foment, foster, incite, instigate, kindle, moot, motivate, provoke, put forward, resurrect, set, set on, stir up, suggest, whip up; concepts 75,221 —Ant. conclude, finish, stop raise [v4] nurture, care for breed, bring up, cultivate, develop, drag up, fetch up, foster, group, grow, nourish, nurse, plant, produce, propagate, provide, rear, sow, suckle, support, train, wean; concepts 253,257,295 —Ant. abandon, ignore, neglect, repress, suppress

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